Lecturers contribution

SL.No. Name of the faculty contribution Signature


1 Nagasudha.R A project on new product promotion  
2 Nagasudha.R A session made in business lab on retail marketing mix


3 Rajeshwari.M Product process business models  
4 Rajeshwari.M Flex research banners  
5 Rajeshwari.M Management quotes  
6 Varshini S K Chart on test of divisibility  
7 Varshini S K Project report on stock price changes  
8 Krithika raj Advertisement copy  
9 Krithika raj Project on stock watch of different companies  
10 Sunil Kumar G A chart on historical data of sensex  
11 Sunil Kumar G A chart on historical data of nifty.  
12 Megha S List of historical hotels in India.  
13 Megha S List of top 10 buzz personalities in India  
14 Megha S Collection of account opening forms and related instruments  
15 Lokesh Y R Commercial paper sample formals  
16 Lokesh Y R MOA & AOA along with certification of Infosys LTD.  
17 Lokesh Y R Infocomm insurance claim live project  
18 Rajanivinodkumar A project on Indian retail Industry (PPT)  
19 Rajanivinodkumar A project on non-store retailing (PPT)  
20 Rajanivinodkumar A project on product life cycle of Samsung  
21 Nethra HK A project on top 10 retail industries in the world (PPT)  


Nethra HK


A project on retail operations (PPT)  
23 Nethra HK A project on consumer behavior  
24 Rajanivinodkumar A project on current trends in E-retailing  
25 Raghavendra S A project on corporate events

2ndbcom E

26    Raghavendra S A project on events management

2ndbcom A

27 Raghavendra S A project on principles on event management (PPT) 2ndbcom E  
28 Raghavendra S


project on corporate events (PPT) 2ndbcom A


29 Raghavendra S A project on types of events (PPT) 2ndbcom E  
30 Raghavendra S A project on public relations (PPT)

2ndbcom A

31 Nagasudha R Advertising copy on retailing  
32 Nagasudha R Product launch on retail activity  
33 Nagasudha R Session on store layout in retail operations  
34 Nagasudha R Session on E-retailing


35 Rajanivinodkumar Impact on demonetization  
36 Varshini S K Stock market index  
37 Dr. Sharmila E-commerce voice vol:10 issue to 2016  
38 Yogitha Yadav Business quiz on stock and commodity market  2ndbcom D  
39 Raghavendra S

































Raghavendra S

-Public relation 2ndbcom A


-Mobile banking and online banking


-Recent trends in budget


-Indian insurance market


-Financial scams in India


-VAT (value added tax)




-Types of events


-Event management


-Corporate events


-Corporate events


-Report on 2016 summer Olympics


-Planning of corporate events


-5C’s of event management


-Media relations


-Events of type of events


-Public relations


-Public relations


-Preparing a planning schedule


-Event management


-MARC Glamorous company


-Financial accounting


-Foreign direct Investment


-Internet Banking and Mobile Banking Impact on Society




-Foreign exchange rate


-Hire purchase system


-Private Banking Business Models


-Principles of event management


-Social event or life cycle event, engagement events


-Retail management


-Entrepreneurship in event planning


-Retail management


-Retail management


-Corporate events


-Business plan


-Prime bike shop



-Retal management


-Retail management


-Target marketing


-Retail management


-Global opportunities and challenges in higher education


-Retail management


81 Nagasudha E-business project




Megha S Heritage hotels  
83 Yogitha Yadav Cross world puzzle  
84 Megha S Business quiz on S management  
85 Yogitha Yadav Stock & commodity market (quiz)  
86 Lokesh Top 10 retailing strategies  
87 Lokesh Retailing of the world  


88 Lokesh Top 10 retailing industries in world  
89 Lokesh Top 10 retailing industries


90 Mallika Customer relations management  
91 nethra Consumer behavior and market segmentation  
92 Nalina Introduction & type of retailing


93 Lokesh Marketing strategy of a retailer  
94 Nethra Impact of information technology in retailing  
95 Lokesh Consumer behavior in retailing business  
96 Annapoorna M Recent trends in marketing  
97 Lokesh Retailing marketing mix  
98 Nethra Consumer behavior  


Mallika Tele marketing  
100 Krithika raj Study on shopping malls  


Nethra e-Retailing  
102 lokesh Top 10 retailing companies in India  
103 Nethra Top 10 retail co in


104 Mallika Tele marketing


105 Lokesh To 10 retail industries in India  
106 Nethra Current trend in e-retailing  
107   Operations of retailing  
108 Krithika raj Study on ready to eat processed food  
109 Lokesh To 10 industries in the world  
110 Nethra Case study on big bazaar  
111 Rajanivinodkumar Non-store retailing  
112 Krithika raj Study on tv entertainment channel  
113 Lokesh To 10 retail industries in India  
114 Krithika raj Study on real estate villa  
115 Krithika Raj Study on alcohol  
116 Lokesh To 10 retail  
117 Krithika Raj Study on DTH ( direct to home)  
118 Rajanivinodkumar Non-store retailing  
119 Annapoorna Standardized & graded product  
120 Lokesh


Future of retail  
121 Mallika Green marketing  
122 Nethra Top 10 retail management in the world  



Krithika raj



Study on automobiles

Retail& product lifecycle of Samsung





125 Nethra Top 10 retail industry in India  
126 Rajanivinodkumar Indian retail industry  
127 Krithika raj A study on 3G service in India  
128 Krithika Raj Study on women’s apparels  
129 Kusuma Century steel tubes  
130 Krithika raj Study on toothpaste in India  
131 Kusuma Reserve bank of India  
132 Rajipillai Instruments in international finance  


133 Krithika Raj Sport shoes


134 Madhuri Scenario of strategies at maruthiudyog ltd  
135 Krithika raj Study on detergent in India  
136 Krithika raj Study on news papers  
137 Kusuma State financial corporation  
138 Krithika raj Study on baby products in India


139 Krithika raj A study on cinema in India  
140 Kusuma NABARD


141 Nethra Consumer retail behavior in business


142 Madhuri Anger



143 Krithika raj A study of coffee powder in India  
144 Bhargavi Laws & practices of banking  
145 Krithika raj A study on global five-star hotels  
146 Rajipillai Balance of payment of India and effects of devaluation  
147 Rajipillai Foreign exchange globalization & international finance  
148 Krithika raj A study on camera in India


149 Rajipillai Balance of payment exchange rate , derivatives  
150 Krithika raj A study of 2 wheeler in India  


151 Rajipillai Balance of payment , international portfolio investment  
152 Yogitha Yadav International finance institutions  
153 Krithika raj A study on refrigiratersim India  
154 Rajipillai


155 Rajipillai IMF<BOP<foreign exchange rate  
156 Krithika raj A study on real estate of India  
157      krithika raj A study on real estate apartments  
158 krithika raj A study on sports shoes of women




Varshini S K Entrepreneurship  
160 Rajipillai Instruments in international market  
161 Sandesh V Famous entrepreneur  
162 Rajipillai International finance  
163 K Y Mohan Kumar Modern communication devices  
164 Krithika Raj



A study on tooth brush  
165 Krithika raj A study on chocolates in India


166 Yogitha Yadav Recent uses of computers in banking sector


167 Sunil Kumar Mock stock


168 Rajipillai Foreign exchange intermediaries  
169 Krithika raj A study  on electric cars  
170 Rajipillai Foreign exchange market  
171 Rajipillai


Modern exports  
172 Rajipillai  Globalization of capital markets  
173 Rajipillai International financial institution, world bank group ,IMF, regional development bank  
174 Sindhu Foreign exchange risk  
175 Rajipillai International development association  
176 Sindhu International finance  
177 Raghavendra Satyam scandal cash  
178 Yogitha Yadav Instrument in foreign exchange  
179 Rajipillai Globalization of capital market  
180 Rajipillai Project report on foreign exchange  
181 Vinutha International liquidity  


182 mallika Telemarketing


183 mallika Marketing and E- business




184 Rajeshwari International financial instruments


185 Megha S (case study) on Maggie and pepsi crisis and analysis  
186 Mahalakshmi International monetary fund  
187 Raghavendra S Event management team  
188 Harish G


Stock exchange  
189 Chitrashashidhar A study on quality of work life  
190 Rajpalli


Euro stock market  
191 Mallika


Mobile banking  
192 Raghavendra Principles of event management  
193 Chitra Operation at anchae hypermarket


194 Raghavendra


Corporate events  
195 Sunil Kumar G Human resource practice at Infosys  
196 Raghavendra Principles of management  
197 Megha S A brief history of Greece crisis  
198 Rajipillai Globalization of capital market  
199 Rajipillai International financial management  
200 Raghavendra


Corporate events  
201 Manjula S International monetary fund


202 Lokesh Balance of payment  
203 Raghavendra A case study on Harley Davidson  


Rajipillai Global depositary receipt  
205 Raghavendra S Top 10 global powers of retailing  
206 Annapurna Expert procedure contents  
207 Sunil Kumar Foreign direct investment  
208 Rajipillai


The world bank  
209 Lokesh Foreign exchange market  
210 Mallika DS Electronic business  
211 Megha S Business quiz conducted on service management  
212 Archana


Business law  
213 Prasad ML Business communication  
214 Raghavendra S


Public relations  
215 Raghavendra S Corporate events


216 Sunil Kumar Financial accounting project  


217 Raghavendra Recent trends in  budget  
218 Raghavendra S Public relations


219 Raghavendra S Public relations


220 Lokesh Retail management  
221 Raghavendra S Principles of event management  
222 Raghavendra S Online trading


223 Chitra shashidha Financial scam in India  
224 Kusuma Indian insurance market  
225 Rajipillai International financial market  
226 Raghavendra



Hire purchase system  
227 Raghavendra


Corporate events  
228 Yogitha Yadav Private banking business models  
229 Rajipillai Century of enslavement  
230 Raghavendra Report on 2016 Summer Olympics  
231 Raghavendra Principle of event management  
232 Anand Krishnamurthy Global opportunities and challenge in higher education  
233 Raghavendra S


Corporate events  
234 Dr. Sharmila Case study analysis  
235 Raghavendra S Corporate events  




Raghavendra S Social events  
237 Raghavendra S Retail management  
238 Dr. Sharmila


Railway budget  
239 Raghavendra S Event management team  
240 Raghavendra s Entrepreneurship in event planning  
241 Raghavendra s 5’s of event management  
242 Dr Sharmila Union budget 2017  
243 Raghavendra s Media relation  


244 Raghavendra s


Corporate events  
245 Dr Sharmila


Vodafone tax case  
246 Raghavendra s


Public relations  
247 Raghavendra S foreign development  
248 Rajipillai Foreign direct investments  
249 Raghavendra S


Types of events  
250 lokesh Retail management

-A quick review 

251 Raghavendra S Principles of event management  
252 Raghavendra S Competitive study between private and public sector banks  
253 Raghavendra S MARC Glamorous company  
254 Rajipillai Foreign direct investment  
255 Mallika Customer relationship management


256 Sharmila Customer experience management  
257 Raghavendra Reporting a planning schedule  
258 Rajipillai ADR and GDR  
259 Raghavendra Principles of events management  
260 Raghavendra Internet banking and mobile banking impaction society  
261 Sharmila Prime bike shop  
262 Nirmala Rings and roses  
263 Shailesh Consumer protection act (PPT)  
264 Sindhi MM National securities depository LTD (PPT)  
265 Lokesh Memorandum and articles of association of academy of pharmacy management  
266 Nagasudha Computer virus  
267 Annapurna Virus in computer and computer security  
268 Rajipillai Security analysis and portfolio management  
269 Nirmala Mock tail events


270 Shailesh Project on patents  
271 Nirmala Event pitch of award function and bosh  
272 Shailesh Environmental law  
273 Shailesh CCI  
274 SINDHU MM Demonetization commodities exchange in India  
278 Nagasudha Various applications of computers in various fields  
279 Sailesh Ballfour vs ballfour  
280 sindhu derivatives  


281 lokesh Memorandum and articles of association of CRM public LTD company  
282 poornima Computer virus and computer securities  
283 Megha Computer in transportation  
284 Lokesh Principle and practices of auditing 


Commercial papers of reliance company

285 Annapurna The computer virus and computer security  
286 Raghavendra S 7 p’s of hotel industry  
288 lokesh A case study on the world next super power INDIA or CHINA  
289 Poornima K Marketing mix of citadel hotel and resort  
290 Lokesh YR Marketing mix  
291 Nethra HK Marketing mix of pricing edge  
292 Megha Millennium grand luxury hotel  
293 Rajeshwari M 7 P”s of oxford hotels  
294 Megha Service marketing mix of Hilton hotel  
295 Varshini SK Stock and commodities market  


296 Lokesh New trends in computer technology  
297 Krithika raj Stock watch of 78 companies  
298 SINDHU MM Namma Benguluru marathon 2017


299 Varshini SK Stock and commodities market assignment on different assignment  





Krithika Raj Stock watch  
301 SINDHU MM Stock watch


The competition act 2002


Competition commission of India


Stock and commodity market


Competition aptitude tribunal


Common size balance sheet of Ashok Leyland


Foreign exchange management act 1999


Environment problem act 1986


Business regulation


302 Yogitha Yadav Stock and commodity (PPT)  


303 Shailesh Foreign exchange management act


The environment protection act


Competition aptitude tribunal


Competition act 2002


Competition commission of India


The consumer protection act



304 Rajani vinodhkumar A case study on taylord made (Golf)


305 Nethra HK Currencies of different countries  
306 Rajani vinodkumar A chart on company logos


Career path after 10th ( chart)

307 SINDHU MM Business regulation “foreign exchange management act”


Business regulation Indian and WTO patent law invention and non invention


309 Shailesh  G Business regulation consumer protection  



310 Rajani vinodhkumar CA opening form of bank


311 Lokesh Certificate of incorporation

Infosys consultant private LTD


312 Lokesh YR Principle and practice of auditing


313 Lokesh Memorandum and article association of Infosys LTD


314 Lokesh YR Principle and practices of auditing


Articles of association of century metering system and control pvt Ltd.


Commercial paper of TATA  capital financial service


Certificate of incorporation


Certificate of commencement of business Reliance problem LTD


Stock purchase warrant


Certificate of incorporation




315 Sandesh LIC forms filled


General insurance

Mobile insurance

Fire insurance


316 Sharmila Internal control checklist

Institute information booklet

Syllabus annual and semester


317 Rajani vinodkumar A project on products and services rendered by bank to the different A/c holder (PPT)


318 Lokesh YR Filling up of bank application forms

Challens and other document

319 Lokesh YR Videos on auditing process


320 Raghavendra S Principles of event management  
321 Raghavendra S Types of event


322 Krithika raj Project on marketing management


323 Krithika raj Chart on stock market


324 Rajani vinodkumar Project on demonetization  
325 Rajani vinodkumar Project on products and services offered by banks of mobilization of funds  
326 Varshini SK Case study on capital market


Case study on Harshal Mehta case


Marginal trading


 Videos on stock market


Videos on histogram using excel


Videos on mean median mode


Career opportunity poster

Higher education on opportunities


Chart on off trading


Chart on online trading


PPT on commodity market


PPT on online trading


PPT on demat process


327 SINDHU MM Assignment on GST